10 Beautiful Wives Of World Famous Billionaires

If you were billionaires, it’s likely that you’d want to marry someone very good looking and hot, as did the spouses of the women in this list. In this post, we are going to discuss 10 beautiful wives of world famous billionaires. Some of these marriages were done out of love. And for some, it was the money and power that played a role. Many of these women have very successful careers, and as a result, together with their spouses, they are power couples.

Check out these 10 beautiful wives of world famous billionaires:

10. Kristy Hinze

Kristy Hinze, a model, and actress. She is probably best known for her appearances in Victoria’s Secret catalog and the Sports Illustrated, back in the days. She married the 64-years-old billionaire James H. Clark in 2009, as a result becoming one of the most beautiful wives of world famous billionaires. The couple has two daughters. She has a passion for yacht race and even won the Hobart Yacht Race, becoming the first female boat owner to do so.


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